Arthroscopic Repair of Knee Injuries

Today the vast majority of knee surgeries are performed using an arthroscope.  Our orthopedic surgeons are highly trained in the use of arthroscopy for surgical repairs.  What does that mean to you? Arthroscopic repair is a popular and minimally invasive surgical procedure that is better than traditional open surgery because the joint does not have to be completely opened for repair.  During an arthroscopic procedure, the surgeon inserts an arthroscope into the joint through very small incisions. Through the scope the surgeon is able to visualize the inside of the joint to make a diagnosis , and when necessary, he can pass small instruments through the scope to perform surgical repairs.

Benefits of arthroscopic surgery include:

  • Usually performed on an outpatient basis – no hospitalization
  • Faster recovery time than an open surgical procedure
  • Less discomfort and pain following surgery
  • Fewer potential complications than an open surgical procedure