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Knee injuries are very common, especially among athletes, and some injuries can even limit simple day-to-day activities.  Knee problems result from injury or trauma, may be the result of a degenerative condition such as arthritis, and in some cases are simply the result of wear and tear on the joint as we age.  Our physicians and support staff are committed to providing our knee patients with the best possible care to return them to the activities they love. View a list of our physicians specializing in knee care below.

The task of understanding what is causing your knee pain may be simple or complicated. As part of your diagnosis, expect a thorough discussion of your activities and symptoms. Our experts will help you identify the location of pain – front, inside, outside or back of the knee, and the timing of the pain. Does it more commonly occur when you are going down stairs? Or first thing in the morning as you start your day? Is there any swelling? Lost mobility, instability and painful clicking or grinding may be a sign of knee problems. Through proper examination, we can help pinpoint the cause of the problem.  Treatment may include non-surgical or surgical intervention.

Knee conditions we diagnose and treat include:

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Consider visiting our regenerative medicine physicians for a more natural treatment plan. Regenerative medicine is the process of creating living functional tissue to repair damaged and injured parts of the body. Because regenerative medicine uses a person’s own cells to generate the new tissue, the healing process is natural and may allow the individual to avoid surgery.

Skiing and Knee Injuries

Many knee injuries in Utah occur as a result of ski and snowboard accidents. Only the nagging thought of injury risk can loom over the beauty, speed, and exhilaration of a good powder day. Knee injuries in particular account for over 25% of the injuries coming out of Park City and Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons every ski season. They can range from simple meniscus tears, to complete dislocations or a more severe ACL tear.  Our physicians and support staff love the alpine conditions in Utah, and offer preventative words of advice — most patients with a ski injury say it happened on their last run of the day, when they were most tired. Or, they were not looking for changes in the terrain and other skiers or snowboarders, or pushed a black diamond run too soon.