Hip & Knee Replacement Using Mako™ Robotic Technology

Hip and knee replacement procedures are easier and more successful than ever, thanks to advanced medical technology.

One such advancement, the MAKOplasty™ using Stryker’s Mako™ robotic-arm assisted technology, allows Utah orthopedic surgeons to customize partial knee and total hip replacement procedures to individual patients.

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The result is a more precise placement of the new joint, which reduces friction and wear. Patients who undergo MAKOplasty™ have fewer complications and a reduced need for revision surgery in the future.

How the MAKOplasty™ Works to Improve Hip & Knee Replacement

Each patient’s musculoskeletal anatomy is unique. But despite the many variations in bone size and structure, joint replacement procedures have essentially been performed the same way for everyone. Using the MAKOplasty™ approach, the surgeon can plan your joint replacement procedure in advance.

In addition to providing this significant pre-planning benefit, this proprietary robotic technology allows the surgeon to customize the procedure to attain greater precision.

The FDA-approved Mako™ technology consists of sophisticated 3D software and an interactive robotic arm that the surgeon controls. Using the robot’s rendering capability, the surgeon uses the arm to guide the location of the new joint using interactive data that updates in real time.


Partial Knee Replacement in Utah Using Mako™ Technology

Mako robotic surgeryThe partial knee replacement (PKR) procedure is used for patients who experience joint degradation or failure due to osteoarthritis. Whereas this procedure previously required a large incision (approximately 8 inches or longer), robotic technology allows orthopedic surgeons to replace the joint through a 2-to-3-inch incision.

As a result, the musculoskeletal structures surrounding the joint remain undisturbed, making healing and recovery quicker and less uncomfortable. This procedure may also shorten the time you need to stay in the hospital after your PKR surgery.

Most patients are good candidates for robot-assisted knee replacement. Prior to the procedure, the surgeon orders a CT scan of the joint to create the 3D rendering and pre-operative plan. On the day of surgery, the surgeon guides the Mako™ robotic arm to place and align the implant.

Total Hip Replacement with the Mako™ Robotic Arm

Although the Mako™ technology was previously only available for use in PKR procedures, it is now available for total hip replacement surgery in Utah as well.

This procedure is appropriate for patients who suffer from degenerative bone disease and for whom less-invasive treatment approaches were unsuccessful. The MAKOplasty™ for hip replacement addresses some of the procedure’s more troublesome issues, such as the disparity in leg length that can occur when the implant is seated manually.

The robotic arm allows the surgeon to achieve a highly precise positioning of the implant and to make adjustments during the procedure to achieve a more exact alignment. Patients are up and walking — and pain-free — within a day or two of surgery.

Although full rehabilitation for either knee or hip replacement requires a few months of physical therapy and strengthening exercises, patients enjoy pain-free mobility immediately after their Mako™ robotic-assisted joint replacement procedure.



Trust Dr. Trevor Magee for Mako Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery

Dr. Trevor Magee, MD, is one of Utah’s most experienced Mako® surgeons, performing both robotic-assisted partial knee replacements and robotic-assisted total hip replacements. He has been using the Mako® technology since 2011 with great success.

Dr. Magee is a board certified fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery as well as a fellow of the American Academy of Hip and Knee Surgeons. His extensive training and experience make him uniquely qualified to perform robotic assisted knee and hip replacement surgeries. He has seen improved outcomes for patients undergoing surgery using this technology.

To talk to Dr. Magee about your options with this precision surgical method, make an appointment today.

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