Getting MAKOplasty™ Hip Replacement? Get Your Home Ready First.

Are you scheduled for hip replacement surgery using our innovative MAKOplasty™ technology?

Recovery from a robotic-assisted surgery is faster and less painful than with a conventional joint replacement — you’ll be on your feet and living a more active, pain-free lifestyle in just a short time.

MAKOplasty™ Hip Replacement

But before coming in for MAKOplasty™ surgery, prepare your home. It will make your life easier and your recuperation more comfortable.

Remove Trip Hazards

Look around your home and remove any rugs, cords or obstacles that could pose a problem for you as you recover from MAKOplasty™ surgery.

Rearrange the Furniture

Will you have enough space to get around your home? Remember, you’ll probably be using a walker for a while during MAKOplasty™ recovery, so you may need to create wider pathways. Rearrange your furniture to allow plenty of room for a walker.

Install Grab Bars

If you have any stairs or steps in your home that don’t have railings, now’s the time to add grab bars. Getting up and down even just a step or two can be difficult after hip replacement, and you’ll appreciate having a rail to grip.

While you’re at it, you may want to consider installing grab bars in the bathroom, too, before getting MAKOplasty™ surgery.

Create a Recovery Zone

When you get home after MAKOplasty™ hip replacement, you will want a comfortable place to relax, so set up a recovery spot ahead of time. Choose your favorite armchair and place a table nearby with all your necessities — that way, your medication, the remote control, magazines and snacks will be in easy reach.

Go Grocery Shopping

You don’t want to get home after hip surgery only to realize you’re out of food. Before coming in for your MAKOplasty™, head to the grocery store and stock up on easy-to-prepare meals and snacks.

Plan for Your Pets

Do you have pets? Find someone who can help you take care of them during your MAKOplasty™ recovery. After all, you won’t be able to empty the litter box or take Fido for a walk immediately after MAKOplasty™ hip replacement, and it actually might be quite some time before you’re ready to take on these tasks.

Have questions about MAKOplasty™ recovery? When you schedule surgery with Dr. Trevor Magee at Comprehensive Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, you’ll get complete aftercare instructions. And Dr. Magee will take the time to address all your concerns before you come in for your procedure. Contact our Salt Lake City, Sandy or Park City office today for professional advice and information on MAKOplasty™ hip replacement recovery.