ACL Injury Prevention and Screening Program

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury prevention education has become more necessary in recent years, as these and related orthopedic knee injuries have increased significantly in the United States.

Treatment is time-consuming and costly, leaving the patient unable to resume normal activities or participate in sports for extended periods. And because ACL damage is difficult to recover from fully, health and quality of life can significantly degrade.

ACL injury prevention

To help prevent devastating ACL injuries, we are proud to offer an advanced lower extremity and ACL injury prevention screening and personalized training program.

The High Costs of ACL Injuries

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control report that more than 250,000 ACL injuries occur each year in the United States, resulting in health care costs that exceed $2 billion. As Americans become more active in sports and physical fitness, that toll will continue to grow.

Approximately 50 percent of these injuries require surgical reconstruction of the knee. However, whether treated with surgery or less invasive treatment protocols, ACL injuries dramatically increase the likelihood of developing osteoarthritis. Patients often continue to suffer pain, and as a result, they can become sedentary and obese.

Because scientific research has yet to offer more effective treatment strategies, prevention of serious knee injury is critical for professional as well as amateur athletes and active individuals.

Screening for Increased ACL Injury Risk

Research has increased our awareness and understanding of risk factors associated with anterior cruciate ligament injury. Advanced technology provides us with cutting-edge screening tools that we can use to analyze your sport-specific movement, including cutting, jumping and lateral movements.

Our Functional Movement Screening (FMS) assessment looks for asymmetry and limitation in seven fundamental movement patterns. Dr. Engelen’s analysis will identify any biomechanic risk factors that predispose you to anterior cruciate ligament injuries and determine your potential for future knee injury.

Individual Training for ACL Injury Prevention

Recent research from the Columbia University Medical Center determined that neuromuscular training is a highly effective approach for preventing ACL injury. Preventive training is also cost-effective and simple to implement for the patient who faces an increased risk of orthopedic knee injury.

If the FMS and advanced assessments determine that you are at increased risk for ACL damage, Dr. Engelen will design an individual training program for you. Based on scientific research, your customized training program will be designed to improve your performance and reduce your risk for serious injury.

To learn more about our advanced screening technology, or to schedule your injury prevention assessment, contact our office today. We look forward to helping you stay active and healthy with our advanced ACL injury prevention and screening program.